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Races held Sunday, October 3, 2004

Sunday morning started out with a beautiful sunrise.

Four wheelers dotted the landscape.

Fans filled up the parking lot for the races.

The south end of the parking lot was full.

Lots of campers filled up the off road camping area. Next year 10 more spaces to be built.

Lake campsite was also full.

Four wheelers wait in line to go onto sand.

Races begin with lots of sand being displaced.

Fans went to the top of the hill for a better view.

Another fast start of another race.

Beaver Dunes  Park The Playground of the Panhandle Beaver Dunes  Park is located one mile north of Beaver, OK on US 270.

Beaver Dunes  Park P.O. Box 889 Beaver, OK 73932 Park Office: 580-625-3373 Fax: 580-625-3525 (email)


EMERGENCY NUMBERS Ambulance - Beaver Co. EMS 580-625-4551 Beaver Co. Sheriff's Office 580-625-4549 Beaver Fire Dept. 580-625-3333 OR 911

Beaver Dunes  Park The dunes formed by blowing sand at Beaver Dunes  Park, create an oasis effect that appeals to park visitors and offroad enthusiasts alike. Located in Oklahoma's panhandle region near the City of Beaver, the 520-acre park was originally established in 1930 as a municipal park for the city. The park serves the local communities and mid-panhandle region of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. The history of the sand dunes are part of a geological system formed thousands of years ago. During the Great Ice Age, heavy rainfall and snow melt carried sand, gravel, silt and clay down Oklahoma's river systems from their headwaters in the Rocky Mountain region. As these materials were deposited along the river's flood plain, wind would gradually move the lightweight sand particles away from the river, forming sandbars and dunes. Because Oklahoma's prevailing wind is from the south, most of the sand dunes were formed on the north bank rivers. When the sand dunes lose their blanket of vegetation, they begin to shift, propelled by the force of the wind. Beaver Dunes State park offers areas of different environmental contrasts. Quiet, sheltered low pockets amidst high sand dunes exposed to the harsh panhandle elements.

Off-Road Vehicle/Dune Buggy Riding The 300 acres set aside for off-road vehicles is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., year round. Dune entrance fees may be paid daily; through the purchase of a 3-day pass (Friday-Sunday, March 1-November 30); or an annual dune pass. Please call the office for fee information. Off-Road Vehicle Warning There are hazards in the off-road areas that do not exist in other areas of the park. Always use common sense when operating off-road vehicles. Because of the nature of shifting sand, be aware of sharp drop-offs and exposed objects. It is avised to travel with partners or tell others where you are going and when you expect to return. Provide a description of your vehicle. The ORV area is fenced and posted with ORV boundary signs. Vehicle access beyond the boundary is not permitted. Be aware of your location at all times. Safety regulations for ORV area In order to have a safe and enjoyable stay at the Beaver Dunes  Park, please observe the following dune riding rules: All vehicles must have a WHIP attached to the ORV that extends 10-feet from the ground to the top of the whip. All vehicles must have a 6"x12" FLAG attached within 10" of the whip's tip. It must be bright red or bright orange in color with no writing. All vehicles must have front & rear LIGHTS for night use. Dune buggies and 4x4 vehicles must have a ROLLBAR sufficient to support weight of vehicle and must have a seatbelt for each passenger. Full coverage HELMETS are strongly suggested. Riding is at your own risk. You are required to stay within the posted park boundaries.