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Beaver County Free Fair 2014
Dates for the 2014 Beaver County Free Fair have been set for Sept. 4-6. This year’s theme is
"Cruzin the Beaver County Fair."
The schedule is as follows:
Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014
Exhibits not pre-entered will be taken in all departments except livestock, 3 to 7 p.m.
Commercial exhibitors set up in commercial building, 12 to 8 p.m.
4-H quality of standards judging contest, 4 to 7 p.m.
4-H skill-a-thon contests, 4 to 7 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 5, 2014
All entries judged (except livestock and 4-H department), 9 a.m.
Commercial exhibitors must be set up, 2 p.m.
Tri-County electric live line demonstration, 2, 3 & 4 p.m.
Commercial & Exhibit open, 2 to 7 p.m.
Queen contestants horsemanship patterns at arena, 6 p.m.
Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014
Livestock entries, 8 to 9 a.m.
Kiddie & fair parade, 11 a.m.
Commercial & exhibit buildings open, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Jr. and open swine (followed by sheep and goats, beef, bucket calf and halter horse show), noon.
Magician, 1 & 3 p.m.
Bands, 2 & 4 p.m.
Parade of queen contestants & crowning, 1 p.m.
OK high school rodeo, 3 p.m.
Release exhibits and premium vouchers presented, 3 p.m.
OK High School rodeo
meal, 4:30 p.m.
Team roping, 7 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 7
Cowboy church services, 8:30 a.m.
OK High School rodeo, 10 a.m.
Saturday, Sept. 13
Horse show entries, 8 a.m.
Horse show, 9 a.m.


Water runs over the Dam at Beaver Dunes Park Lake located
to the north of Beaver. May 10, 2010.


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We took this photo of Ruth Barby before the Beaver County Free Fair 2011

Here is a story that she brought us before the 2006 Cimarron Territory Celebration where she was
Pioneer Queen.

What an honor to be chosen Pioneer Queen for the 2006 Celebration! I would like to thank the person,
or persons, who chose me.
I was born April 27, 1924, six miles east of Beaver in a little two room house. (My grandchildren in
their younger years used to all think I was just born under “that tree at the six mile corner!!”)
My parents were George and Rosa Altman. I was the sixth of seven children: Vesper (Vep), Herman,
Burl (Chalk), Grace, Burford (Buke), myself and George Junior. Daddy was the blacksmith and also
drove a school bus. Mother had six children at this time, plus three or four extras. These were children
who just needed a home! There was always room for more at Mother’s table!
It seemed we moved “every time the moon changed,” so we moved to Beaver after living in the country
for three years. Daddy’s blacksmith shop was located where the City Hall is now. I loved going down
to see Daddy because he would give me money to stop at Goetzingers for “peanut butter.” He also
 had an indoor toilet - a novelty to me, as we had a path leading to an outhouse at home!
After several more moves, we ended up at Forgan. With the dust storms in the 30’s, Mother’s
health was serious with coughing spells. We had friends and family in Washington state, so “Washington,
here we come!” In a truck with a heavy tarp and bows, we started. The trip took about ten days. We lived
there for seven years. Buke and I graduated from Kelso High School.
Daddy didn’t like so much rain, so in 1942, we moved back to Beaver. Vep, Grace, and Buke
remained in Washington. Oh! What fun it was to be home again and see old friends and family! And to make
new friends!
Lloyd Barby and I had gone to school together in 4th grade, when he came to Beaver from the ranch school.
My vivid memory of him was that he wore blue denim shirts and cowboy boots! However,
he didn’t give me
a second look! This big school was about all he could handle.
It was awhile before we started dating after I came back from Washington. A cute story that my kids liked
about their daddy was that Virgie, my sister-in-law, encouraged me to date Lloyd. I had seen him one time
sitting in the car when I was walking down the street. I had smiled and waved, and he just looked right
ahead. I thought he was just the most stuck up person I had ever been around. I got a job at the AAA
office, thanks to Grover D. Smith and my brothers, Hermie and Chalk Altman. In that office I got to
know almost every farmer and rancher in the county, plus some in neighboring states. It was during this
time that Lloyd and I started dating. I asked Lloyd about the time I saw him in the car. He didn’t remember
it! He had been sleeping!
I hope you don’t mind all these little stories, one that our grandkids love follows. My brother and
sister-in-law Chalk and Cleo Altman lived in the Jim Thompson house, the place that Roy Bridwell
now owns. I was there for one week-end in September, and Lloyd rode his horse Ole’ Smokey up
to see me. We were in the front room visiting - no TV - and he asked, What do you want for Christmas?
I replied, “You!” It surprised us both, I think, but it worked. We were married in the Christian Church
on June 25, 1944. Lloyd turned twenty-one the week before, and he always joked that he got to be his
own boss for one week, but I must say he treated me like a queen all our married life. We went to
Alva for our honeymoon on four borrowed tires!! (Remember, this was during the war!) We moved to
the ranch and made our home there, living in a little five room house that Earl and Reola Maple had
built. Lloyd ran the ranch, and I took care of the home. I fed many ranch hands in my home and enjoyed
cooking for them.
Lloyd and I became the proud parents of three children: Cathy, Read and Jan. Cathy is married to Jim
Lewien, and they have five children. Read married Jerry Lynn Sterling, and they have three children.
Jan is married to Guy Payne and they have four children. We have twelve grandchildren, ten great
grands, and, oh, they are all such fun and have brought so much joy to our lives - love all of them!!!
Besides ranching, Lloyd had rodeo stock. Oh! The stories I could tell about that venture! We learned
a lot and got to know so many wonderful people. One night I fed 30 cowboys in the motel room, cooking
out of the bathroom.
I have also always like to sew. It paid off when my kids were growing up. I made dresses for the girls
and western suits for Jan when she was Miss Oklahoma Northwest. I even got offers from some
companies to design them when she spent a week modeling for Tregos and market during the National
Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. I never did, didn’t have time, but I was quite flattered
with the offer.
Lloyd had failing health, making it necessary to turn the rodeo business over to the kids. However,
this did not keep him at home. So it became necessary to sell the rodeo stock. It was a sad day when the
last load left the ranch. They all had personalities and were such a part of our lives. The sale was a
heartbreak to us all but was necessary.
Lloyd’s health continued to decline. We went to doctors in five different states to find a cure,
but there was to be none. I have been alone for eleven years. Thank God for kids, grandkids,
and great grands!!
Again. I say a sincere “Thank You” for choosing me to be Pioneer Queen. I am truly honored!
What an honor to be chosen Pioneer Queen for the 2006 Celebration! I would like to thank the person, or
persons, who nominated me.


The  Cimarron Territory Celebration and World Championship
Cow Chip Throw is always scheduled for the third Saturday in April

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Pictured above is the tornado that hit the Woodbury home. Vance and
Barbara Woodbury both died from injuries when the struck their home
about 1/2 mile from this location near the Northern Natural Gas plant east
of Elmwood. The tornado hit their home Wednesday evening, March 29,
2007 . Photo courtesy Beaver County Sheriff's office.



 Above is a photo of the USS Mullinnix DD-944 which was used as a sink test back in the 1990's. The United States was testing new weapons. The ship was used during the Vietnam war but later decommissioned in the 1980's. The editor and publisher was stationed on the ship from 1963 until 1965.

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